Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ah, the Joy of Website Rotators

Hi Friend,

If you are a typical new internet marketer, it doesn't take rocket science for me to identify two key aspects of your profile. You are concerned with saving time and money. You are probably engaging in online promotions on a part time basis, due to maintaining a full time job.

It also wouldn't surprise me to know that you have some financial pressures, which may limit your internet marketing budget.

That is the reason I wanted to touch on the internet newbies friend - the rotator. Briefly, a rotator allows you to promote (in a traffic exchange for example) a number of products using one link. Every time the link is clicked aa different product in your group is presented. In the time it would take to promote one product, you can promote many.

Many rotators are free, provided by a traffic exchange, as a part of their membership. Their incentive? Every time one of your sites is shown, so is their header/Logo.

Don't think of the rotator in isolation. As long as you are looking for a rotator, use one where the provider also offers superior services. For example, Geo-Views lets you Target your audience to over 25 countries. You can promote up to 25 websites and they also appear in your Geo-Views rotator.

Several programs let you rotate banners. I suggest Rotate my Sites. With an economically priced upgrade, you can enter an unlimited number of banners. As if that weren't enough - you can recycle all your valuable website traffic - Encourage surfers to checkout ALL of your links and turn a single 'hit' into 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 or more ... HITS!

Don't pass up the chance to be strategic in your use of rotators. take advantage of the potential diversification - promote some list builders, some downline builders, some residual income builders, and social networking sites.

The above examples involve having your rotator shown on other people's websites. Could you benefit from capturing and rotating Clickbank products right on your own website? You wanted to monetize your website, check out Clickbank Ad Rotator.

I think you will find the information on the recommended sites above to be very encouraging and thought-provoking.

Good Luck P.S. Want to be really strategic? Track your promotions

Friday, September 7, 2018

It Must Have Been my Handsome Face

Hi Friend,

A long, long time ago I was a new affiliate in a now defunct internet marketing program.

Not too long out the door, I started receiving monthly commission notices in my inbox. I thought this is how it works for everyone involved in internet marketing.

I naturally attributed this success to the program. It was unique, provided almost every marketing aid you could want in your arsenal and had a charismatic leader.

Being new at online promotions, I employed a shotgun approach, grabbing on to nearly every heavily hyped tool that landed in my inbox. No one could call me lazy. I doubled my efforts and set some reasonable, (okay lofty) goals.

But my promotion tactics were disjointed and I soon realized I had reached a plateau. I had no plan because I didn't have a clue how I had achieved the modest level I had reached.

I frantically reviewed my actions just prior to generating that predictable income I had taken for granted. I had left few bread crumbs and had viewed tracking as either too complicated or too expensive.

Fortunately for new online businesses, they don't have to stumble around in the dark. There is a tracking service that is both economical and inexpensive.

Couple that with the direction provided by the free Quickstart Checklist and your chances of success are increased substantially. To Your Success Ron (BigPaulie)