Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kick-starting Momentum

Hi Friends,

In one of my posts to members of my site Gateway to success, I speak about how inspiration may be obtained from surprising sources. I am fond of dictionary definitions of key topics uppermost in my mind.

For example, the word aggressive. I may generously describe my internet marketing as being aggressive, but a close review of the definition and other associated words reveal the hypocrisy in my self-assessment. Yipes!

Another word I find worthy of further examination is "momentum". Especially in the context of online marketing. Momentum implies a certain stage, while most advertising hype skips over any mid level stage with silliness i'm sure you are familiar with.

Momentum in marketing is something that's noticeable. There is a measurable increase resulting from some catalyst (like that word do ya?). Visualize the olden days, when to start a car required going to the front of it and cranking a big wheel. In effect, this action provided a kick-start, an example if you will, which told the engine what to do more of.

In the early stages of a business it's natural to focus on big individual sales and when secured, they do indeed provide a "spark". But, beginners eventually learn that long term viability requires repeat sales, consistent sales, the kind accomplished through some kind of membership site.

As the name implies the owner of such a site provides some type of product or service which is given to members for a regular fee. A person blessed with predictable income has momentum and a solid foundation for growth. In online advertising, research has shown that no single viewing of your products benefits and features is sufficient. Unfortunately, to succeed (and maintain momentum), you must consistently tell them, and tell them again, and again.

Don't be discouraged by your current status. Just continue to get after it and when you can seize momentum do so . . aggressively.

Til next time much success to you

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Could Simplicity be key to Internet Marketing Success?

Hi Friends,

I've often talked about the chaos that seems to be inherent in internet marketing. My knowledge of these pitfalls has not prevented me from succumbing to it.

I still undertake too many projects at one time and chase the current trends, even those purporting to siphon sales and leads from facebook (gulp).

I recently saw a television preacher stress how much better off we would be if we would just practice what we preach.

For example (sigh), don't chase all trends. Instead, determine the best niches for you and perfect your efforts in that limited area to maximize your potential.

Secondly, If you are going to follow suggested techniques, hone in on those made by marketers who can document long-term success. Curiously enough, I'm a member of a program that meets that criteria.

Traffic Hoopla has been around for many years. Known for testing and rankings sources of website traffic, they have consistently espoused simplicity. Check out their Kick Start program as an example and see what I mean.

Consider the amount of hype you usually encounter and compare to their concise description of what you are looking for, the cost, what you receive and how to get it.

I think you will find the information on the recommended sites above to be very encouraging and thought-provoking.

Good Luck