Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Internet Marketing Race

Hi, BigPaulie here,

This lil analogy will give you some context. Imagine kneeling down for the start of a very important track meet and at the sound of the starting gun you notice that not only are your shoes untied they are old and dilapidated.

I have been engaged in Internet marketing on a part-time basis since 2002, but have always been behind the curve. I am gaining ground in implementing the latest cutting age techniques, but have a long way to go. And as you know, Internet marketing changes faster than a speeding bullet (okay, faster).

Since I'm lagging behind, I've become a fan of quick-to-implement, user friendly tools that help little low-budget guys like myself get up to speed. Therefore, future posts may sound like testimonials, as I voice appreciation those ahead of me who lend a helping hand.

Well, as Sgt. Fury put it so eloquently - "nuff said."


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