Sunday, February 21, 2010

EZ Article Link Launches February 22, 2010

Hi Fellow Marketer

Here's a classic example of the term "window of opportunity". You see tomorrow is the launch of the new small marketers friend product EZArticle Link. What that means for you is a chance to run with the leaders for a change. Some of the current marketing gurus got big by knowing when to piggy-back off a great new product.

In many cases a new launch is self serving, but EZArticle Link is a product that spreads the benefits. And most importantly, those benefits become rooted in for the long hall. Below i'll outline just some of the benefits, but I want you to confirm that this is truly a chance to be the early bird that catches the worm. Go to the site right now and you'll find it poised for launch on

Monday, February 22, 2010

This Innovation can give you 21,000 backlinks per month

Here's how it works

You've seen systems that publish your articles to blogs or other article directories and thats the end of that the story. These published articles have too few backlinks that benefit you.

How EXArticle Link Taps article writing to help you get unlimited backlinks

Assuming you referred 20 people to EZArticle Link and each of them referred 20 people. You would have a total of 420 people in your network. If each of these then submit just one article per month (a very conservative estimate), you would earn 2,100 backlinks per month to the site of your choice.

Now add the power of 2 - tier networking

This innovative and cutting edge approach rewards referrals with backlink credits. You see every article your first tier referral AND your second tier referral submits will earn you 5 backlink credits. Come on, when was the last time you saw a an article submission or seo program that spreads the benefits so generously?

This is so spectacular , soon everyone will have it and it may get tougher to get recruits, so get in early the Product Launch is Monday February 22, 2010

Go to the site now get you cookie established then return when the launch is afficially open.

Go forth and prosper

Big Paulie

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