Sunday, June 14, 2009

Internet Learning - Implementation Cycle

I've not written for a while and recently I've been in a learning mode. In the last two or three years access to learning material has expanded substantially. I think a typical pattern is to seek the information on the latest internet marketing techniques, sift through the many choices, review and implement.

After a period of implementing, Im ready to absorb another round of recommended internet promotion tips. I am a friend to anyone traveling along this same path and I've made website marketing suggestions available free, via my free email course - Escape Your Cubicle - You can be sure that I will update this online course when I have more successful internet marketing methods to share.

Over time I have come to appreciate those affiliates who truly take the time and effort to provide easily accessible training videos and ebooks to help their members thrive.
One example is Affiliate Funnel - Your free membership comes with lessons and seminars to help you succeed. They show they care when they continously inquire about whether you are accessing the hot- to material available.

A second program which has made training an essential feature is Membership Millionaire - Here the emphasis is slightly different with attention paid to the value of joint venturing with other internet marketers. But, again marketing tips and training are an intregral part of your free membership.

There are others of course, each with their own strengths and areas of emphasis, but I just wanted to give a shoutout on behalf of these two who I would suggest you check ot because the truly do have the best interest of their members in mind.

Till later guys/gals - much success

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