Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greetings Friends

Sometime back, I blogged about falling prey to "the latest thing syndrome." Somebody correct me if im wrong; but there just is no comparison in any other industry segment, where there is such a fast churning of new methods new products and of the course the incesteous relationship of marketers marketing to other marketers.

Ive tried to rebel. You may recall this vetetekk ad -

I know you. You go your own way, do your own thing right? Stop all those stray projects. Find free traffic and list building tools including your own free web page, ad blaster, FFA page and search engine. Decide now, more puttering or more money? Prove it to yourself by grabbing your own free web page here. Then click the links for other valuable free tools -

But I still like the opportunities for ownership, the internet provides. I like my classified ad site - The Classified Hub -

The site is a win-win customers post for free, (as do I as owner) and I collect the email addresses of ad posters and can market to some very obviously targeted prospects. Perhaps the best part is that I have no administrative tasks or expenses. The site is hosted by Sonic.
Want one of your own? Go here -

One company that definitely satisfies my ownersip instinct AND has internet marketing practicality is IMBuzz. While the net is all abuzz about $1,000 products, im really excited about the ability to obtain free software AND rebrand it with my company name, place my banners and links inside and offer it for free or pay. Saying "it" is misleading because you can obtain several useful software programs for free at

Now, instead of rushing off as I've done in the past, im going to brand some software, rename it and launch it according to recommendations found in Product Launch Strategies ( I had on hard drive and i'm making it available in )

I am going to implement each step to the degree possible. To see how its going follow me on Twitter -

Ron (AKA Big paulie)

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