Saturday, April 30, 2011

Clickbank Products + Video Squeeze Pages = Profits

Can you recognize an opportunity when it is before you? I'm sure your initial response is to say "yes, of course I can". But admit it, arent the waters muddied by all the sales hype on the net? If you are not brand new to the net, you've probably developed a thick skin of sales resistance that might actually prevent you from capitalizing on an opportunity the "force" has set before you.

I mentioned those things to preface this post which deals with Clickbank, Internet marketing competition and the benefits of video squeze pages.

lets begin with the premise that you are aware of Clickbanks marketplace, with its deep inventory of products some of which are stalled in infancy and others that are rightfully referred to as "top converting" products. Naturally you want to promote the top selling products, but so do thousands of other competitors.

No lets discuss ways in which the little guy, the new entry to affiliate marketing, tends to fall by the wayside. You see its not enough to identify the best niches. You must be able to compete in promoting those products. Here is where technical knowledge and capacty allow the guru to produce attention grabbing graphics while the newbie is left putting up a basic squeeze page template (if he's lucky).

The so-called big boys rake in the sales and profits because video ad click
rates are much substantial than standard ads. This is because videos convey or communicate a story through motion and sounds. This way, Internet video ads are suitable as a format for brand awareness. Needless to say, click-through rates of online video ads are much higher than those of plain GIF and JPG image ads.

The good news is that astute entrepreneurs are always holding their ears to the ground listening for customer needs that they can fill. Ken Walker and Dave Nayavich have ompiled an inventory of top-converting clicbank products (saving us hours of searching). Next, they employed Kens video development skills and Dave's professional voice over talents to create Killer Video Squeeze Pages.

(By the way, how do you sound on audio? Nevermind).

Let me be a witness and say Killer Video Squeeze page quality far exceeds the work of the occasional video maker and will save you untold hours should you even try to attempt it. See for yourself here -

Killer Video Squeeze Pages

Now lets return to the subject of the product inventory - the top niches from weight loss to stop smoking and the usual internet marketing tools. That means that whatever your industry emphasis or niche, a professional video squeeze page has been developed for your use or (get this) is being developed in their growing library!

Killer Video Squeeze Pages

AND as if that were not enough - this membership overdelivers with tutorial, banners, an email response series, a webpage template and a turnkey system allowing you to promote Killer Video Squeeze pages to others and watch your commissions move you into profit quickly. Finally, everything is backed by a 60 day gaurantee.

Sigh, this brings me back to the original question - can you recognize an opportunity when its in front of you.

Killer Video Squeeze Pages

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