Monday, August 8, 2011

Will You be Stiff-armed by the IM Giants?

Have you been too busy promoting to stategize for the future? I know I have As a one man operation Im not even going to claim to be on top of it. By on top of it i mean achieving full implementation of all the latest recommended marketing techniques.

Another way of putting it is Ive had my head buried in the sand. Foretunately the warnings about some major changes rise from the level of a gentle whisper to a loud wake up call. Im talking aboutthe eye-opening details in Ryan Deiss’ End of the Web”

End of the Web

The contents are proof that you've got to look up and see whats going on every once in a while.Business history is full of sea changes that have changed everything, trampling over the little guys and leaving them crumpled in the dust.

It seems that there are a small handfull of companies that are so big and powerful the changes they make can render all our plans moot. Well Ryan explains
how you cab be aware, and even piggyback on the next growth area. The key is to align with the direction these heavyweights will drive. You can be ready for the transition by reading "End of the Web"

Ron (Big Paulie)

P.S The end of the Web is free and so is this squeeze page template that was developed by Ryan Deiss after extensive split testing -

Free Squeeze Page Template

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