Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Keys to Monthly Internet Income

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If you are seeking income on the internet, I bet I can discern your fondest dream without looking deep into your eyes. I'd be shocked if your fondest dream didn’t include the goal of recurring income. Residual income or passive income is indeed a worthy goal because monthly internet income is the ultimate confirmation that you are indeed in business.

A very essential tool for securing monthly commissions is some sort of membership site. A membership site is a vehicle that facilitates and justifies the receipt of repeat income. Here the role of the business and the customer are pretty explicit. The business owner provides in-demand products or services and the customer pays for regular access to them.

The customer is primed and ready to fulfill his/her role, it's the entrepreneur that has work to do. The business owner must conduct niche research to identify the specific needs of the prospect, then develop or obtain products and services to meet that demand.

If all this seems a bit labor intensive you are an astute observer, because the development of products is not for the faint of heart. For example, if you plan to develop an information product you'll need to pull together quality content (in multiple formats), attention-grabbing graphics, as well as selecting a competitive pricing strategy, bonuses, coupons, etc, etc.

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An alternative option is to acquire the rights to sell pre-existing products. There are innumerable sources for either Private Label Rights or the more flexible Master Resell Rights. The entrepreneur must exercise due diligence because some content from these avenues may not be more than dated, recycled material.

Private Label Rights content may be found at The Homebiz-Hub, see the link below

Assuming you are fortunate enough to achieve a match between what you are offering and what a prospect needs and wants. You cannot afford to dwell in the celebration mode for too long because your bills are regular and consistent. To enter the profit mode, you need recurring commissions sufficient to surpass expenses.

So, how can you capture sales in a consistent, rather than sporadic method? You guessed it, we have come full circle back to membership sites. You may not want to hear that because you have heard how much work is involved.

Fortunately there has been an evolution of the traditional membership site format to include “fixed- term continuity programs" which are short term in length, 30 days at a time or say 90 days. These types acknowledge that customers rarely remain indefinitely and often drop out. Perhaps it’s time for you to Get updated on the membership site options available. If so, a number of tools and resources may be found at The Homebiz-Hub including:.

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