Saturday, October 25, 2014

Membership Sites = Regular, Predictable Internet Income

Hi folks.

I used to shudder before going deep into the archives of my hard drive. Why, because there haunting me, taunting me and mocking me lurked all the membership site development resources I had downloaded over the years. And who could blame me for grabbing up all the education I could find because regular, predictable income is the foundation for internet success.

In a typical scenario, scarier than any Halloween tale, I'd bravely open an ebook with the intent of realizing my dreams of monthly internet income, only to be driven back by shrieking techno jargon, complex html coding and php gargoyles. So friend, I understand where you’re coming from, if you have also been deterred by this barrier.

Thank God all that has changed. You want passive recurring income? Well, there are now numerous pathways leading to that goal. And they don't require that you go back to school and major in coding.

Now-a-days you can do-it-yourself or outsources it. You can even purchase templates with 85% to 95% of the membership site development structure done for you.

With the door propped wide open like this, you may realize that you have other homework to do to assemble the necessary elements into your membership site. You'll want to plan your site, consider content sources develop sales material,,squeeze pages, decide whether to attract affiliates, how you will integrate social networking and dozens of other elements

One evening, after putting in the mandatory surfing for credits duty, I decided to click one last site. Up came a video, and I thought OMG, these things are worse than ebooks. What unfolded was the key to my membership site dreams. Let’s just say it was a resource that allowed me to skip tons and tons of hard work in route to my first membership site (I have two so far). This resource has allowed me to learn, using their templates for in-demand niche products and provided the flexibility to create my own completely different site(s)

Leap the membership site learning curve here

Of course you will need a number of supporting tools and resources and you can find them at The Homebiz-Hub including:.

10 Days to Membership site Profits

25 Ways to Re-use PLR Content

Product Creation - A 6 Day Ecourse

Good Luck and Much Success to You

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