Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Mortgage Co Won't Accept Solo Ad Credits

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Yes, that is sobering news isn't it? The truth is they won't accept traffic exchange credits either. But this is just the kind of wakeup call that may be needed to make one examine where the focus is. The strong magnetic pull seems to be on small incremental steps toward internet marketing success. In this school of thought one can feel a sense of accomplishment by continuously (and shrewdy) clicking in order to accumulate a handful of advertising credits. At the end of the day the marketer arises from the computer with a feeling of exhaustion that equates to having manufactured a certain number of widgets.

While it is true that the accumulation of advertising credits seems to be an economical way to put your offer in front of potential customers, there is a kind of "fools gold" aspect to it, especially if your offer is yet another credit/downline building vehicle. Add to that, the prospect that the potential customers found here are equally immersed, neck deep in the sand, searching not for your valuable offer, but for free credits. Perhaps you might find better luck in a venue that has assembled the contacts of proven buyers, such as the services provided by Organic Prospects

The only people who seem to have the potential to prosper in this environment are those who have not lost site of the ultimate purpose of internet marketing:building residual income. These are the people who own and operate the mailers and traffic exchanges. Notice that they are not content to receive the sporadic income when you buy a bunch of credits or pay for an individual solo ad, they want to entice you to subscribe to a monthly program of services which will guarantee you a consistent level of advertising credits. Notice the proliferation of new mailers and traffic exchanges?

It seems that the successful marketers are not stuck in a quicksand of small victories and freebies, but are instead investing in ways to leap forward in larger steps toward regular consistent internet income. If you want to pull your head out of the sand and focus on resources that lead to residual income, peruse some of the information we have assembled for you at the Homebiz-Hub:

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