Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Internet Marketing Quick Start Checklist

Hi friends.

Please allow me this brief philosophical nugget of wisdom before I proceed –

Sometimes, no make that often, the most enduring lessons of life are those you are forced to learn. That said, let’s press on shall we?

Based on my own experience, I have become more and more convinced that un-necessary complexity and our friend shiny object syndrome are two main culprits that postpone our online business success.

When I speak of un-necessary complexity, I mean internet marketing programs that use “whiz-bang” to impress and add credibility to the guru who is promoting it. Sometimes when a solution is broken into so many sub parts, it’s really calculated to stuff the funnel with upsells and keep you strung along. When you finally get off the treadmill it will be too late, your time will be consumed and you will be lighter in the wallet.

But . . . at least you will be able to see it coming the next time. Nothing is more hypnotic than those emails filling your inbox with the “latest thing”. It is what keeps us spinning our wheels. No one ever explained it more graphically than Rich Schrefren, who said that every time you abandon a project you had been working on to pursue the latest thing, it’s a slap in the face to time and effort (and sometimes money) you have already expended.

It is almost heresy to advocate a slower, measured approach in the midst of the chaos, but I’m going to do so here. If you are an acknowledged newbie or a newbie in disguise (stuck in early development),get back to start-up basics by reviewing the elements in this Easy Startup Checklist.

I wish you much success There is enough for all of us


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